Full information of 50+ Free Blogging Tools For Beginners

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Full information of 50+ Free Blogging Tools For Beginners. Friends, today blogging is on the way to become a business, and almost every day more than 2000+ new blogs are being started. Really, these blogs are bringing a revolutionary change in our internet and today there are about 30% of bloggers in this field who are blogging only from mobile or smartphone, while every blogger wants to make his blog a great blog.

It has always been an effort that every blogger who starts a blog should be successful and generate a lot of income from his blog, friends, each of you bloggers have many problems in blogging like website logo from where create. Where to buy or download template for website. Where to make images for the post etc.

So today we have brought 50+ Blogging Tools for your blog, through these blogging tools you can convert your blog into a superb blog, not only this, through these blogging tools you can make your blogging journey easy & You can make it better, So friends, today we are going to tell about 50+ Blogging Tools which will help you in blogging . 

For Blogging 50+ Blogging Tools 

If you are blogging then this post will prove to be very important for you. In this post, we are going to tell you about 50+ blogging tools that will help you in blogging, in these 50+ blogging tools, we have included some important websites or blogging tools,  which will make your blogging journey easier or better. will help. so friends, let’s know about 50 + Free Blogging Tools For Beginners

Download Image free for Blog Best Image Downloading Blogging Tools

Friends, every blogger gets the most problem on this, actually we have to do some other blogger and wabsite ki image hamare blog me nhi lagana chahiye. kyonki yah copyright ho sakti hai jo ki aapke adsense or aapke blog ke liye sahi nhi hai. so friends don’t worry ab aap easily in free stock images sites par jaakar apne blog ke liye Free Images Download kar sakte hai.

  1. Pixabay – You will find very good images in Pixabay. In this you will get images in many categories like Animals,Beauty,Business,Technology,Emotions Etc..
  2.  Flickr – With Flickr, you will get good quality images which you can impress your visitors by putting them on your blog. 
  3. Pexels – Daily 50 new photos are uploaded in Pexels. With the help of this you can download High-Quality Images for Free. Its a good thing that you can also upload your photos on this website. 
  4.  Splitshire – In this site you
  5. You will get good images and free stock photos.
  6.  Snagit  Snagit is a powerful image editing tool developed by blogging tools camtasia. 

Apart from this, if you want to know about more blogging tools, then you must read this post of ours. Best Blogging Tools to Download Free Stock Images

How to make a logo for Blog or Business and from where Blogging tools for complete information

  1. Logomakr  – In my eyes no one is better than Logomakr website for simple and 100% free logo design.
  2. Squarespace  – Squarespace is a most popular website to create logo, in this you will find new design logos. And after opening it you will be very impressed because along with the speed of the site in this site, the design is also good.
  3. Logogarden  – Business mans use logogarden the most. Here you can create a free company logo.
  4. Logomaker   – You must have heard the name of Logomaker website? This is a best website. Logomaker is giving good facilities to its visitors even today by updating the logo.
  5. Graphicsprings  – This website gives free logo to create a logo for your blog.

Screen recording Blogging tools Best Video or Screen recodrding Blogging tools or Software Download sites

  1. Techsmith’s Camtasia – Camtasia is software developed by Techsmith. Camtasia is available for $ 299, but we can take 30 Days Free Trail to understand it. Camtasia is very fun software, it has many such tools which are not in other software.
  2. camstudio  – With the help of this software, we can do screen recording for free in our Pc.
  3. Flixpress  – Flixpress is my favorite app. It gives us 2 options to create video. Text and Images We can make video in these two ways.
  4. Intromaker  – With the help of this site, you can create your own short intro video and upload it to YouTube channel.
  5. Jing  – Jing is also software made by TechSmith. You can download it for free, it is only 6 MB.

Download Free WordPress Theme

  1. Mythemeshop – On this site you can get Good – Looking Template for free, one of its features is that along with Themes, WordPress Plugin will also be available in it.
  2. wordpress.org Themes – You can also upload your own created themes along with Free Commercial Themes on this site so that you will get BackLinks.
  3. fthemes  – On this site you will find thousands of free themes . which you can easily keep.
  4. fabthemes  – Here is a huge free theme collection decorated for WordPress users.

WordPress Premium Theme Download Free

  1. woothemes  – For e-commerce site I would recommend that youbuyTheme for your e-commerce site onlyon woothemes.com . Here you will find more than one theme.
  2. themefuse  – Onthemefuse, you will get good (Top) Themes at a low price.
  3. studiopress  – Design Theme is uploaded by Professional on StudioPress.
  4. Elegantthemes  – WordPress PlugIn will also be available along with Themes on Elegantthemes.

Best Keyword Research Blogging tools

  1. Google Keyword Planner Tool – Simple, free and favorite blogging tools to find the best keywords.
  2. Longtailpro  – Longtailpro is the fastest, this beneficial keyword searches in a very short time.
  3. Marketsamurai  – With the help of this, you can easily find the keywords of your competitors.
  4. Hittail  – With the help of Hittail, you can easily find Long-Tail Keyword.
  5. Google Trends  – Search Keyword on Google Trends by staying in any corner of the world.

SEO Blogging tools

  1. Google Webmaster Tool  – Webmaster Tool is the best tool in the world. It is made by Google, with the help of this we can know the world level.
  2. Ahrefs  – Theworld’s favorite link checker and site explorer is Ahrefs. You can also use it by taking a free trail.
  3. Majestic – On Majestic you can check tools like BackLink, Search Explorer, History Checker and Keyword Explorer.
  4. Alexa  – You can check the rank of your site on Alexa and you can tell people the rank by putting Alexa Widget on your site.
  5. Moz  – In this you can do research on Site-Explorer.

Best Blogging Platform

  1. B Logger  – Blogger is a free service made by Google on this we may cause your Knowledge in the world by making your blog.
  2. WordPress  – We can also create our blog on WordPress for free. Contact us for Self Hosted or Professional Blog or Websites. Only : 1500 in. Make a website and blog.
  3. Weebly – Weebly is a great platform for creating a website. I would recommend you that if you do not like Blogger, then you can choose Weebly without any hesitation. 
  4. Websitebuilder – Websitebuilder offers Free Domain Offer your Customer. And also gives Free Business Email with it. 
  5. Imcreator  – On this platform we can create Responsive Site and it also has a lot of Site Design Customizing Features. 

Best Web Analytics Tool – Best Blog web Analytics Tools 

  1. Google Analytics – The World’s Famous Web Analytics Tool is Google Analytics. With the help of this you can see Real Time Analytics of your site. Like how long the visitors stayed on the site. Where did he come from and which page did he see in the site Etc.. 
  2. Clicky – Clicky also tells you Real Time Analytics. 
  3. hubspot  – Hubspot is a marketing software, this site is of great use to see the marketing performance. 

Best Web Optimization Tools

  1. Pingdom – With the help of Pingdom, we can see the speed of our site and optimize it. 
  2. Google Page Speed – With the help of this site, we can also check the speed of our website. 
  3. Brokenlinkcheck – You can check broken links of your blog from Brokenlinkcheck site. and can improve it. 
  4. Browsershots  – Check whether your blog works on all browsers or not. 

E-Mail Marketing Tool – Best Email Marketing Tools

1.  customer.io  – With the help of this you can send mail to 10,000 people at once by targeting. 

2.  Aweber  – This site is very useful for Blogger and Business site. 

3.  mailchimp  – Most Popular Email Subscription Platform and Email Marketing Tool. Mailchimp is a great site from a marketing tool point of view. 

Campaignmonitor  – to Attrect the Campaign moniter your Subscriber. 

5.  Feedburner  – Feedburner is a service of Google, by activating it, we can increase visitors to our blog. 

6.  madmimi  – Mad Mimi is an easy way to send Newsletter to your Subscriber. 

Best High Paying Publish Ad Networks 

1.  Adsense  – This is an advertising site from which we can advertise. Take it and put it on your blog and earn money. Google Adsense is famous all over the world. This is also made by Google. Its a really difficult task to achieve this. To put it on the blog, we have to follow its rule. 

2.  Chitika  – Chitika company also treats its customer well, this company gives 0.5$ to 0.20$ on a single click. 

3.  infolinks  – infolinks Ads link us. One of its features is that we can also use it with Google Adsense. 

4.  Bidvertiser  – This company has always been making its customers happy. We can withdraw the money earned on this through Paypal. 

5.  Media.net  – Media.net comes after Google Adsense. This is Adsense Alternative. Really Friends, these are blogging tools which are very useful for every blogger. And these blogging tools should be used by every blogger in their blog to make their blog attractive. 

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