Complete algorithmic forex trading and back testing system

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Complete algorithmic forex trading and backtesting system. Develop robust systems for trading, backtesting, web scraping, and web application development. Forex trading is a complex and highly speculative market. The success of any forex trader mainly depends on their ability to make correct decisions based on available data. It is an effective forex trading system that can help you make profitable trades.

Forex trading has become a popular investment option over the past few years. This is due to the fact that forex trading is a relatively safe investment, with low-risk and high potential returns.

Complete algorithmic forex trading and backtesting system

There are many forex trading courses on the market, but it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. The best way to find a forex trading course is to do your research and look for reviews from other traders. There are also plenty of free forex trading courses available online that you can try out before spending money on one.

You will Learn

  • Build a robust live 24/7 trading bot with Python
  • Learn to use Python and multi-threading to stream live prices
  • Leverage multi-threading, events and work queues to make trading decisions
  • Build a comprehensive strategy backtesting system that tests thousands of trades a second
  • Learn how to integrate spread and fine grain prices into your strategy testing for accurate results
  • Archive historical data and backtest multiple instruments over a six+ year period
  • Learn data science techniques with Jupyter Notebooks and Pandas to analyze your results
  • Automate spreadsheet creation with tables and charts for further analysis
  • Have some fun evaluating popular YouTube strategies with promised 90% win rates
  • Learn to identify single, dual, and multi-candle patterns
  • Learn to develop indicators such as MACD, RSI and Keltner Channels
  • Use Python to scrape the web for information to help build your strategies
  • Use web scraping to get live economic calendar data, headlines and sentiments
  • Create and interact with MongoDB to store information
  • Build a full-featured React web application to display technicals, sentiments, headlines, prices and your bot status
  • Create a Flask API backend with endpoints to access technicals, sentiments, headlines, prices.. etc.
  • Deploy your bot to a cloud service
  • Learn to implement comprehensive logging

Whilst fun, Forex trading is not easy! To be successful today, you must have the ability to test strategies, automate trading and access information.

Whether it’s as a hobby or professional, this course will give you the foundation upon which you will be able to:

  • Build a live trading bot
  • Create a fast, accurate strategy testing system
  • Retrieve live headlines, sentiments, technicals, and more from the web.
  • Use databases to store and correlate data with market moves
  • Build a web application showing the latest prices, sentiments, and other market data
  • Learn full stack development, using MongoDB, Python, and JavaScript (with React)

We will start by learning to use Python to access the Oanda REST API. Next, we’ll download a few thousand candles and develop a simple strategy backtest, testing multiple parameters and currency pairs at once. We’ll use the results from this backtest to learn how to automate the export of results into a spreadsheet format with tables and graphs.

Once the simple strategy has been tested, we’ll get hold of a lot more data – six years’ worth for multiple time frames. We’ll rerun our simple strategy, and then move on to implementing candle pattern detection and indicator calculation. We will also look at using multi-processing to speed up the testing even more.

Now we have some more knowledge, it’s time to create a more comprehensive backtesting system – with spread and breaking candles down into finer time frames. For testing, we will choose two strategies with over a million views on YouTube and assess whether they really give the claimed 90% win rate…

It’s now time to move on to the big moment – the live trading bot. We will develop a robust trading bot that trades multiple pairs with comprehensive logging. We will structure the code such that it is easy to swap in and out strategies.

Now it’s time to get more advanced and learn how to stream prices live – using multi-threading with events and work queues to react to prices and make decisions

We will learn how to use Web Scraping with Python to access live sentiments, technicals, headlines, and economic data. Alongside this, we’ll create a MongoDB database to store our data.

Next up: React! We will use the famous framework to develop a web application that can access live prices, our sentiment data, and much more.

Finally, we will deploy our trading bot on a cloud service.

The course includes a quick-start appendix for Python and for HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

For this course, we will use the Oanda API service. It is available in most countries worldwide, however, please check before purchasing the course.

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