Best Finance Course in 2022

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There are many ways to learn finance. Some people prefer to read books or articles, while others may prefer to watch video lectures or listen to podcasts. Whatever method works best for you, make sure you choose a finance course that offers a comprehensive overview of the subject matter. The advantage of taking a course is that you will learn how various financial concepts work together and will be able to apply what you’ve learned in real-world situations.

Best Finance Course

List of Best Finance Courses

1. The Complete Investment Banking Course

The Complete Investment Banking Course 2022 is the most hands-on, interactive and dynamic investment banking course you will find online.

+ 64 Pages of Course Notes

+ 12 Course Challenges  

+ 26 PDF Files  

+ 22 Quiz Questions   

+ 32 Excel files  

+ A complete Glossary with key terms and phrases   

+ Real-world examples and case studies   

+ Interesting facts about the industry  

+ 2 Valuation models built from scratch  

+ 11 hours of Full-HD video   

The course starts off by introducing you to the four main areas of investment banking – Capital Markets, Advisory, Trading and Brokerage, and Asset Management.

Then we continue by digging deeper into each line of business.   

You will learn the subtleties of Initial Public Offerings, Seasoned Equity Offerings, Private Placements, Bond Issuances, Loan Syndications, Securitizations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Restructurings, Trading Instruments, Asset Management Vehicles, and more.  

2. Finance for Non-Finance: Learn Quick and Easy

The course starts by introducing accounting basics and then teaches you to understand financial statements.

Then you will learn about financial reports including the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow. These are the things you must know to succeed in a new business or make your current business more profitable.

We will even have fun analyzing the financial statements of corporate giants like Apple, Facebook, and Ford.

Along the way, you will learn how to make your own financial statements, create a great budget, and how to run your business. We’ll even get a bit advanced and explore Zero-Based-Budgeting and Cost Management.

3. MBA ASAP Corporate Finance Fundamentals for Career Success

This is the course you pick when you don’t want to waste your time and want the best work done.

Learn how to raise money and invest it wisely. Learn how to analyze and value companies and income producing assets. Make better business decisions and support them with financial analysis and rationale.    

This course includes the eBook version of MBA ASAP Corporate Finance, voted best Corporate Finance book of all time by BookAuthority.

Corporate Finance is the Tools and Techniques of how Companies Make Decisions about what Projects to Pursue, and how to Value those Projects.

  • Time Value of Money  
  • Present Value and Future Value  
  • Net Present Value  
  • Internal Rate of Return   

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