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BEST SCHOLARSHIP FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. You do not necessarily need a high school diploma for a scholarship. Many scholarships are aimed at gifted people, but not only for a long time. Other foundations support students with discontinuities in their curriculum vitae who have had to overcome several hurdles. It is not good grades that count, but the commitment and motivation of the applicants. We present the most famous scholarships and give tips for the application.


  • Fulbright Scholarships (USA) …
  • Chevening Scholarships (UK) …
  • Australia Awards Scholarships (Australia) …
  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme (France) …
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK) …
  • Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK)

Scholarship for students: who, whom, what, how?
Student funding is a major challenge given the high rents for many students. Since the majority of students depend on financial support anyway, scholarships are a welcome source of income besides.

Who is funding?
Scholarships run through foundations that promote talented students. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which provides the funds for financial support, is behind the 13 gifted funding agencies of the large foundations.

Who is funded?
The large organizations for the promotion of talented students dispute the support from tax funds. From a formal point of view, all equal benefit from a scholarship. However, numerous foundations specifically advertise scholarships for foreigners.

What is funded?
Good grades are welcome but by no means the only criterion: Many foundations expect special commitment – this can be of a partisan, religious or voluntary nature, for example. Anyone applying for a scholarship from a party-affiliated foundation should be able to identify with the content and values ​​or at least be open to them – otherwise, the chances of success are poor.

How is it funded?
The support looks different: It can be a degree, a stay abroad, or a doctorate. Accordingly, the support does not necessarily run for the entire semester or even for the entire duration of the study, but for example in the first three months or the hot end phase shortly before completing the doctorate.

Small foundations and private sponsors

Students are not only supported by the large gifted funding agencies. More than 2,000 smaller foundations, private individuals, and companies award scholarships. Performance does not always play a role; certain criteria often take precedence. For example, there is special funding for:

  • Women
  • Migrants
  • People with disabilities
  • foreign students

The supports prospective teachers with a migration background with its Horizonte scholarships. Other funding programs are tied to a specific subject or region. For example, the Foundation only supports engineering and economics students from the East region.

Doctors help doctors – Hartmann bund
Doctors’ children are generally considered to be privileged, but the Hartmann bund has recognized that this does not always have to be the case. That is why “Doctors helps doctors” offers various types of help: A general support service for full or half-orphans from doctors’ families and children of doctors who are in a difficult financial situation; for students there is a scholarship in cooperation with the Friedrich.

Strange Scholarships: Not Just For Good Grades
According to a survey, around 39 percent of those questioned do not even bother to apply for a scholarship because they think their grades are too bad. 30 percent think that their social commitment is insufficient, or they simply do not know where to apply. It’s a shame because good grades and outstanding ideas or achievements are by no means what most foundations or entrepreneurs want to promote. The great and best known among them indeed support primarily talented and hardworking undergraduate or graduate students.

But that is only ten percent of all sponsors. The remaining 90 percent do not want to see good grades or innovative inventions. They want to support being different or unusual hobbies – many of them are bizarre and absurd, but they encourage the applicants’ creativity and courage. The following scholarships are aimed at a wide variety of people with a wide variety of characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, problems, and interests. However, they all show that not only good grades are eligible! BEST SCHOLARSHIP FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS

Scholarship for being different
A good example of such a scholarship is the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. There is a special “anti-nerdy scholarship” aimed at those who drop out of training and studies, those who stay seated, or, in general, people who have experienced failures. These are all about BEST SCHOLARSHIP FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS

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