How I create a Micro Niche Site that makes $500/month

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The Internet is full of opportunities to earn money and blogging is a very good way to earn money online which is also ethical.

In this guide, I am going to give you a detailed example of a micro-niche blog which I created and now it is earning me $400 every month from AdSense and apart from Affiliate marketing also making on average $100 every month . It took me only a few hours to do all this.

This is the blue print of creating a micro niche blog, and you can use it for any topic or niche of your choice. I chose a niche that I enjoy reading and writing about. Still, if you are not good at writing, you can hire writers from kisi bhi sites.

Last year only this blog has made more than $2,000 for me and I just had to spend 40-50 hours for this work.

Why start a micro niche blog?

First of all, after a lot of changes in Google’s algorithms, now niche websites rank very well in search engines.

If you create a high quality website on any particular topic, then the chances of your site being ranked in place of any other authority website are very high.

Along with this, you do not need to worry day and night to keep your blog evergreen.

Once you do all the hard work to create your niche site, the next step is to wait for the money to arrive in your bank account.

So let me give you the blue print of my micro-niche blog which I have created.

Remember: This is the exact method that I have followed and you can also follow this blue print to create a successful micro niche blog of yours.

The Complete Guide To Creating A Niche Website That Will Make Money For You

Select Niche and Domain:

The most important thing that you have to do is to find the best niche for your website in which you are comfortable.

Also know about the potential of your niche, how popular and profitable it is commercially.

As the target of our blog is to earn money from AdSense, then it is very important that you should get the U.S. and U.K. Target the traffic of such countries because there is high commercial value here, that is, by doing this you get high CPC.

In my case I chose a topic called Cydia which is a jail breaking tool for iOS devices and is very popular among iPhone users. I chose this topic because I was very comfortable with this subject matter and the time for this topic to expire was also very long. Apart from this, its search rate in Google was also very high.

To find out about things like CPC, Google Search Rate, popularity and competition, I used a tool called Long Tail Pro.

For Keyword Research, I used SEMRush. I like SEMRush very much because you just have to put the link of number one site in that niche in it and it tells you about all the keywords for which that site is ranking.

Along with this, SEMRush also helps us to do a complete SEO audit of any site and also gives our support in some other things so that bloggers and webmasters can gain maximum organic traffic. (You can use SEMRush for free for 14 days by using this special promo link!)

The next step is to get a niche domain name. So as this is a micro niche site, I would suggest that you use keywords in the domain name. Make sure that it does not look spammy and try to add a little flavor to it by using words like “Guide”, “Users”.

Keyword Research and Content Planning

This is the most interesting part and a bit time consuming too. But you get a lot of benefit from it in the long run.

I recommend you to use a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep track of your research so that everything is organized in an organized way.

For content planning, I was clear about a few things I had to do:

Choose such topics which will remain in demand for a long time.
Design a micro niche site like Wikipedia.
Choose keywords that drive traffic and have high CPC.
Instead of just choosing high CPC AdSense keywords, I created a mindmap of content that was more like a FAQ.

For Example:

[Topic] What is it?
How to use/install [Topic]?
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using this [Topic]?
Important facts about this [Topic]
These were some ideas that I thought about before doing detailed keyword research.

After that I used SEMRush to find keywords.

After this I selected some blogs related to my topic and as I told earlier then I put them in SEMRush and found such keywords from which those blogs were getting traffic.
By the end of this process, I had 20+ topic ideas for my micro-niche site!

Then I spent some time writing 4-5 blog posts and then wrote one post daily for the next few days. Now we make 500$

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