Data Warehouse – The Ultimate Guide

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Data Warehouse – The Ultimate Guide. Master Data Warehousing, Dimensional Modeling & ETL process. Data Warehousing is a process of managing and manipulating data so that it can be used to improve business performance. A data warehouse is a repository of all the information gathered from individual databases or other sources. This information can then be analyzed to help make better decisions. In this course, we will discuss what a data warehouse is, how it can benefit your business and the steps you need to take to create one.

It is the process of transforming data into useful and actionable information for an organization. MDW involves consolidating and harmonizing multiple data sources into a cohesive, multi-dimensional model so that business analysts can make better decisions.

Data Warehouse Course

A data warehouse course can teach students how to build and manage a database that efficiently gathers, organizes, and analyses data. This can be helpful for businesses that need to make quick decisions based on reliable information. A data warehouse is the most important tool for extracting value from data. It allows companies to identify trends, analyze customer behavior, and make informed decisions. By understanding the data warehouse, business owners and managers can improve decision-making, optimize operations, and protect their company’s competitive edge.

You will Learn

  • Architect & implement a professional data warehouse end-to-end
  • You will learn the principles of Data Warehouse Design
  • You will master ETL process in both theory & practice
  • You will implement in a case study your own data warehouse & ETL process
  • You will learn the modern architecture of a Data Warehouse
  • Dimensional Modeling in a professional way

Master Data Warehousing, Dimensional Modeling & ETL process

Do you want to learn how to implement a data warehouse in a modern way?

This is the only course you need to master architecting and implementing a data warehouse end-to-end!

Data Modeling and data warehousing are one of the most important skills in Business Intelligence!

This is the most comprehensive & most modern course you can find on data warehousing.

Here is why:

  • A most comprehensive course with 9 hours of video lectures
  • Learn from a real expert – crystal clear & straight-forward
  • Master theory & practice – hands-on demonstrations, assignments & quizzes
  • We will implement a complete data warehouse – end-to-end
  • Understand everything steps by step from the absolute basics to the advanced topics
  • Learn the practical steps and the important theory to upskill your career

This course will take you all the way to being able to architect and implement a data warehouse in a company in a professional manner.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Data Warehouse Basics
  • Data Warehouse architecture
  • Data Warehouse infrastructure
  • Data Modeling
  • Setting up an ETL process
  • Dimensional Modeling: Facts & Dimensions
  • Implementing a complete data warehouse hands-on
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Understanding ETL tools
  • ELT vs. ETL
  • Advanced topics like Columnar storage, OLAP Cubes, In-memory databases, massively parallel processing & cloud data warehouses
  • Optimizing a data warehouse using indexes (B-tree indexes & Bitmap indexes)
  • Practically using and connecting a data warehouse

By the end of this course, you will be able to design & build a complete data warehouse from the ground up. You will have the knowledge, practical skills, and confidence to implement a modern data warehouse professionally.

Everything you need to be a highly proficient data architect, data engineer, data analyst, or Business Intelligence, expert!

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