Famous Social Workers In History

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Famous Social Workers In History. The social worker has a big name in society. As Social workers, they believe to change people thinking related to work. Social workers are individuals who believe in human relationships. The basic social worker salary is maximum.

Social workers have a long and varied history of helping people in need. Some of the most famous social workers in history include Dorothy Day, Jane Addams, and Eleanor Roosevelt. These women were instrumental in fighting for social justice and helping to improve the lives of those around them.

Today, social workers continue to play an important role in society. They work to improve the lives of those who need it most, by providing support and resources. Some of the most famous social workers in history continue to inspire others through their work, and they have helped make a significant impact on the world.

How become social worker. Some basic point for social worker____

  1. Complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
  2. Pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work
  3. Complete Fieldwork Hour Requirements
  4. Apply For State Social Work Licensure
  5. Choose a Social Work Career
  6. Practice Through Continued Learning

Social worker salary with a master degree

From a public point of view, a social worker earns more than 50000 dollars in one year. Social workers get the best salary in the United States. In Pakistan and India, social workers have no good facility.

  • Hospitals: State, Local, and Private: $60,100
  • Individual and Family Services: $41,810
  • Ambulatory Healthcare Services: $49,840

10 Famous Social Workers In History

700,000 social workers currently in the united state we will provide you a list of the Best Social Workers in United States History. 60000$ is the basic salary of the Us social worker.

  1. Jane Addams (1860-1935)
  2. Mary Ellen Richmond (1861–1928)
  3. Ida B. Wells (1862-1931)
  4. Edith Abbott (1876-1957)
  5. Jeannette Rankin (1880-1973)
  6. Frances Perkins (1880-1965)
  7. Grace Coyle (1892-1962)
  8. Katherine Brownwell Oettinger (1903-1997)
  9. Harriet Rinaldo (1906-1981)
  10. Dr. Anita Harbert (1942- )

10 Best Social Workers in Pakistan

In Pakistan there are thousand of social workers. We will provide you best social worker in Pakistan. 35000 Basic salary of social worker in Pakistan.

  1. Abdul Sattar Edhi | Edhi Foundation.
  2. Maj Langlands of Pakistan | Langlands School & College.
  3. Ali Khayal | Gunj Buksh Welfare Hospital.
  4. Imran Khan | Shaukat Khanum Hospital
  5. Mudassir Zia | Message Welfare Trust.
  6. Dr. Ruth Pfau | Marie Adelaide Leprosy center.
  7. J Salik | Independent social activist.
  8. Dr Amjad Saqib | Akhuwat.
  9. Ansar Burney | Ansar Burney Trust.
  10. Shehzad Roy | Zindagi Trust

Best Social Workers in India

There are many social worker in india. Social worker salary is 70000 indian rupees.

  1. Vinoba Bhave
  2. Baba Amte
  3. Jyotiba Phule
  4. Medha patkar
  5. Anna Hazare
  6. Anu Aga.
  7. K. Ajitha.
  8. Mithu Alur.
  9. Norma Alvares.
  10. Savita Ambedkar.

So you have to see Famous Social Workers In History of US Pakistan and India. A social worker job is a great job for those people who want to help people.

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