How To Increase CTR In Adsense

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How to increase Adsense ctr for a blog. If you are a blogger then you must know how difficult it is to get a good CPC on a blog and I have heard from most bloggers that their CPC stays between 0.02-0.06. For this reason, it is very difficult to make a good income on a blog, so what should we do, then the solution is to increase your Adsense ctr.

Increasing CTR is also a very difficult task and if any new blogger wants to try it, then he may not be successful in it, but as far as I have experimented on AdSense, according to that you can also increase your AdSense ctr. But first of all, it should be known that what is CPC and ctr.

As you also know that Adsense pays us on the basis of clicks. How much money AdSense gave you on one click is called CPC. This means to say that if your Adsense CPC is 0.5 then Adsense has paid you 0.05$ per click.

CTR means that out of the number of visitors who came to your blog, what percentage of the visitors have clicked on the ads shown by you, we can calculate it in such a way that suppose a total of 100 visitors came to your blog. And 20 of them clicked, which means your CTR will be 20 percent.

The best CTR of Adsense is about 20 percent but if your CTR goes above this then it is not a good sign for you, you have to take some action for it immediately. Maybe some illegal activity is happening on your blog which Adsense does not like.

I was also facing this problem for the last many days, some CPC was already low and from above the CTR was only 10 percent due to which very little income was coming. had tried all the ways to increase CPC, and finally, I came to know that now increasing CPC is very difficult but by clicking click we can increase ctr, so I started working on it and finally, it was successful which I am also telling today so that you can also make a good income from Adsense.

How to increase Adsense CTR on a blog

The simple formula to increase ctr is that you increase the clicks on your AdSense, which means to show such ads which have more and more clicks and to do this you have to make changes in your ads where you have to place your ads. I’m telling you I had read a post on Kiran Karmayogi’s blog, in which it was told that how you can get 100 clicks on 1000 pageviews, to some extent that post was also of my work which you can read by clicking here but now I believe that Getting 100 clicks on 1000 page views is not a difficult task, I have gone far beyond this.

1.Use Link Ads

The best way to increase ctr is through link ads. You should make the most of the use of link ads in your blog. You use a maximum of 3 link ads. The biggest advantage of keeping link ads always responsive will be that nowadays google shows link ads in 5 rows, due to which its size becomes very big and the bigger the size, the more chances of clicking on it.

Now you must have made link ads, let’s talk about where to show them. First of all, you get the most clicks by getting the link ads shown under the heading of the post.

Second link ads, you can show in the middle of the post or anywhere you like. It would be good that you get the show done between the third to the sixth paragraph of the post.

If you use the sidebar, almost all bloggers use the sidebar, you can get the third link ads shown in the sidebar first. Keep in mind, never put it at the bottom of the sidebar, I have checked there you will not get any click.

In this way, there will be three link ads show in your blog and if you have made link ads responsive then all three will show together in 10-15 rows which I think becomes very big ads.

2.Use Banner ads

Now you have to put a banner which you can use 300 * 250 or 336 * 280 or AdSense’s new Ads In-Feed Article any of these. I use it in the feed article.

First of all, you should show this banner after the second paragraph, if you get clicks from these ads, then you will get it here.

After this, you should show this banner in the paragraph just above where your post is completed, meaning that you have to show the same ads before the last paragraph.

Apart from this, if your theme has a place in the header, then you can also use a banner of 728 * 90 there. Newspaper7 theme people get the most clicks from this banner. But you can check using it.

3. Use Matched Content

Whether you get clicks or not, you must use AdSense matched content. The best thing is that your blog post is promoted for free and you also benefit from it. You can keep its size 300 * 600 but if the matched content has not been activated in your AdSense yet, then you can also use a 300 * 600 banner. You should show this banner under the sidebar where you have placed link ads.

The job is done Now wait for a few days, your AdSense ctr will start improving gradually. Apart from this, if you do not show ads anywhere else, otherwise your blog will start looking full of ads that no one will like.

I use the same number of ads in my blog and I have got a good result. You should know one thing very well that if ctr is less on A blog then you cannot earn well because CPC will always be down in the future it may improve if you also have knowledge about increasing ctr So you can tell us through a comment.

I hope that you would have liked my post on how to increase Adsense ctr, you must share that post with your friends so that they can also help in earning from Adsense.


This involves editing some PHP files but don’t freak out if you can’t code. This is really simple stuff.

What it does is allows you to create a simple shortcode that allows you to add in ads wherever you please.

So while you’re writing an article, all you have to do is type in [ads] wherever you want the ad to be, and it will place it there. This is useful if you want to control your ad positions on shorter and longer posts, or for different kinds of posts such as video or image-heavy posts.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Go into your WordPress editor and open the functions.php file.

2. Paste in this code:

// Ad Shortcode
  function ads_shortcode() {
add_shortcode('ads', 'ads_shortcode');

5.Use Ad UNBlock Plugin

Ad Blocker Notify · 2. AdBlock X · 3. Ad Blocking Detector · 4. Simple Adblock Notice · 5. Block AdBlock.

These All plugin are suitable for Removing ads Block.

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