How to make money from Affiliate Marketing?

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How to make money from Affiliate Marketing? During the epidemic of the Covid 19 period, where all the people were banned from leaving the house, the same internet supported many people in this epidemic and brought people as per their needs to the doors of their homes like kitchen, grocery, etc.

Nowadays, most people sit at home and order their favorite things online and prefer to do online shopping, due to which gradually this trend is becoming famous, so people are also showing interest in doing business online and e-commerce website or personal blog. Making money by making Those who are doing business online, then affiliate marketing will be useful and those who have not heard about it, then let me tell you about affiliate marketing.

Earns commission by selling a company’s product through its website and the commission is determined on the product. Affiliate marketing is based on commission. Affiliate Marketing is slowly becoming a source of income, although there are many affiliate companies on the Internet such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Clickbank, etc. But we are going to tell you about the most popular company out of this, which gets a maximum commission. that’s amazon

Amazon Affiliate What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon is a shopping website but it has come up with another new platform called Amazon Affiliate Program. In this, you can earn money sitting at home, that too without investing any money like Amazon is one of the most visited shopping websites in the world and its development has grown very fast. The range of every small and big product in Amazon is unlimited and is easily available… if you are a blogger, YouTuber, or budding creator then you can also benefit from it. Amazon Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to earn money sitting at home, in this you have to promote the goods through your website/blog or any social network and if someone takes the goods then you get commission by the company based on the goods.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon Company is also providing the service of Affiliate marketing to sell its product in large quantity and you too can earn money by being a part of this program, for this, you have to first join the Amazon Affiliate program and create an account in which you have to share some of your details, after that you have to choose your product, for which product you want to work and promote, then you are sent by Amazon the link details of that product, etc., which you can use on your website/blog, social network.

You can promote by sending the link through WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. and Amazon gives you banners, links, widgets of the product as per your wish. If a person takes the product through your link, then you get a commission from Amazon. The most important thing about Amazon is that if someone does not click on your given link and takes that item and takes any other item, then you still get commission and commission staff.

How to join Amazon Affiliate?

To create an account in Amazon, proceed according to the steps given below:-

  1. Open Chrome on your mobile or laptop and open the Amazon Affiliate website or you can also open this link

2. After opening this site you will have something like this and sign-in will be written, you have to click on it

3 Now the login page will open, if you already have an affiliate account, then you log in by entering your direct email id and password and if not, then click on Create your Amazon account below

4. Now the create page will open, you will have to enter your full name, email id, password, and the same password in the list box, and after filling in all these details you have to click on Create your Amazon account and On clicking, your account will be created.

5. After this, some such page will open in front of you and in this, you will have to fill all your details like Payee Name in the first box, you have to write your name, in Address Line 1,2,3 you have to write your full address, then city or village Enter your name in State, Enter your Pincode in Pincode and India in Country and then your mobile number in the Phone number and then click on someone else I need to enter the information Now in the last option For US tax Purpose Select Yes or No from the option

6. Now the Mobile and App List page will come in which you will have to enter your website/blog or app details, on which Amazon will put the product’s ads in the form of banner or link if you do not have any site or app, then without entering anything click on Next

7. From this, the next page will be in the name of details, in which you will have to enter the details mentioned below. The first option will be of store ID, in which you will have to enter your User Name. After that, your website or app will be named if you had entered it. Underneath that What are your websites? I have to tell you about your website or app, what they are about, after that you have to select 2 categories which are related to them. Below that, you have to select the items related to your website or app, that is, the goods that can be sold there, now choose your site.

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