How to make money on telegram 2021

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How to make money on telegram 2021. Friends, today we are going to tell you about an app from which you can earn money online sitting at home, without investing money. Although there are many such social networking sites through which you can earn money sitting at home, today we will tell you about a very special multi-purpose app i.e. Telegram app.

This app has become the highest-earning app is trending for a long time. But you need some patience and planning to earn money from it, even this app has been downloaded by more than 500 million people and its rating is 4.5. This app was launched in 2013 by two brothers named Nikolai and Pavel Durov. So without wasting time let’s know what is Telegram? How to earn money from Telegram? How to create a Telegram channel?

What are Telegrams?

Telegram is a messaging app. Through this, you can message or voice call, video call, etc. to anyone. This is also an app like other messaging apps like WhatsApp Instagram Facebook etc. There is no need to deposit any money to buy this app, it is absolutely free app and you can download it very easily from the google play store.

You will get to see many such features in Telegram such as Groups, Channels, Bots, Stickers, etc. which are not yet seen in any social networking sites, not even on WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Through this app you can also do secret chat, it is a cloud-based app that you can use in any of the windows, mac, Linux, android, ios, etc. This app is available in 14 languages. Its most important thing is that in this any user can create two or more accounts and can log in to any account as per his requirement. In this, you can also create a group of two lakh members.

How to make money on telegram?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Promotion
  • Link shortener Services
  • App refer and Earn
  • Earn money by selling third-party products and services
  • earn money from donation
  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Friends, this is a better and easier way to earn money, there are many sites like amazon Flipkart snapdeal, etc. in which you can do affiliate marketing by creating your account and after that, you have to share the link of any of your products on telegram and if by you If someone buys that product from the link sent, then you get a commission from the company.

Paid Promotion

Friends, if you have more than 1000 subscribers on Telegram, then paid promotion can be more beneficial for you because in this you can promote other’s Telegram channel, YouTube channel, brands, electronic items, or any website and to promote their channel. In return, he gives you a handsome amount of money.

Link shortener Services

You can also use a link shortener website to earn money from Telegram like bit ly Cuttly, Urlking. in, etc. These are some link shortener websites. Whenever you have to send something on your telegram, first of all, with the help of link shortener service, make a short link and send it to everyone so that whenever someone clicks on the link sent by you, you will get it from the link shortener service. You get money. You can also use this app to send festival wishes or invitations etc. This can benefit you more, but you have to share only after shortening the link from a link shortener website.

App refer and Earn

Friends, you will find many such apps in Google Play Store, which if you download and refer others, then they give you referral money. By using this you can also earn Paytm, google pay, and free recharge and then also add them to your bank account

How to create Telegram channel?

Creating a channel on Telegram is very easy. The most special feature of the Telegram channel is to pin any of your posts to your group member or other members. Apart from this, you can share any file up to 1.5 GB like video document zip file, etc. on your channel. After creating your account, send links to as many social networking sites as possible so that people can join you by subscribing to your channel, so the more subscribers you have, the more you will benefit. So let’s make your channel according to the steps given below:

  • First of all download and install the Telegram app from Google Playstore.
  • Then when you open the app, there will be 3 lines above on your left side, click on it and then you will get the option of a new channel there, click on it.
  • Then you have to write the name of the channel according to which name you want to create the channel and write about your channel in the description, what type of your channel is and then you have to click on the tick button.
  • After this, you will get to see the option of private and public, from which you have to choose according to you whether you want to keep your channel private, that is, your channel remains private so that not everyone can see your channel, to whom you will send the link. Can watch and every person who searches your name in public can see basically your channel remains global in this.
  • After this, you will get a permanent

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