How To Start A Velvet Pencil Making Business? Velvet pencil making business

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How To Start Velvet Pencil Making Business (Machine Rate, Cost, Material). A pencil is that object, which is useful from the office to the school. In the market too, the sale of pencils is very good everywhere from stationery shops to the grocery stores. Therefore, a good profit can be earned by trading it. Here detailed information is being given about the velvet pencil business.

How To Start A Velvet Pencil Making Business

Velvet pencil making raw material
Raw material for this trade is very easily available. For this, the information about the raw material and its price are given below.

  • Gum : Rs.100/kg
  • Velvet Powder: Rs.290/Kg
  • Raw Pencil: Rs 1.2 / Pencil
  • Velvet pencil making machine
  • Only one machine is required for this. It is called ‘Valvet Pencil Making Machine’. Its price starts from Rs 65000.

In this way, the total cost to start this business can be up to 70 – 75 thousand.
Where to buy (From to buy Velvet pencil making machine and raw material)
You can buy all this material from the wholesale market and can go to the following site to buy it online.

  • for machine
  • for a RAW pencil
  • for velvet powder
  • for glue
  • You can get all these machines and raw materials from

How to start velvet pencil making business process

The process of making velvet pencils is very simple. It is being described below.

  • First of all, put a raw pencil in the mold of the machine. The mold can hold 4 pencils at a time.
  • Apply glue to these pencils.
  • After this, it is put in the Velvet Pencil Making Machine. This mold can be installed in this machine very easily.
  • Once the mold is pasted into the machine wall, switch on the machine.
  • After running the machine for thirty seconds, the velvet powder inside the machine sticks well to the glued pencil.

In this way, 4 velvet pencils are ready in 30 seconds.

Velvet pencil packaging

For packing, knowing how many pencils to keep in a packet, it is necessary to do packing. To make its packets attractive, pictures of different types of cartoons can be put in its packets. Along with this, if possible, small rubber can be put on one end of the pencil.

Velvet pencil making business marketing

Selling pencils can be done very easily at this time if some things are taken care of. For this, it can be sold at various stationery shops and grocery stores. In this way, a good profit can be earned by selling velvet pencils.

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