How to use Google Keyword Planner for Free 2022

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How to use Google Keyword Planner for Free 2021. What is Google Keyword Planner and how is it used, how important is it for SEO? There are many such questions that many people want to know, especially those who are new bloggers. I can say with the claim that even 20 percent of those who are new bloggers will not know how important Google Keyword Planner is for any website or youtube. The blogger has now blogging is starting or who want to blog start is that if it is to understand the good start blogging so that very soon good traffic can bring on your blog

I had heard from many bloggers that in just a month, up to 3000-5000 traffic comes in a day on their blog, is this right? I don’t think so, but when I came to know about its truth, I also felt that yes this thing can be true. When you do blogging with full preparation, then you are successful quickly. Earlier, I did not even know about Google Keyword Planner, I had told this thing in the blogging mistake post.

So friends, today we will talk on this topic that what is Google Keyword Planner is and how can we increase traffic and earnings on the blog by using it.

The biggest key to the success of any blog is to get good traffic on its blog, but how? The answer is – writing Quality Content Blog | But where do we get this quality content and how do we know that we have to write a post targeting this keyword, then you will get the answer in this post of mine today, after which your problem will also end.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is a free product of google which is used for doing keyword research. Using this, you can remove the top keyword for your article or youtube and find out what is being searched the most on google at the moment or whether the topic on which you are writing is important or not, and if it is So how much

To use Google Keyword Planner, you must have an adword account that you can create using your GmailApart from this, there are many extra tools in the keyword planner that you can use like

Using this, we can find out about which topic is being searched in different countries.

You can remove top keywords for your article according to your language.

Talking about Earning, you can find out how much is the CPC of this keyword and you can find out about how much you can get per click.

Apart from this, there is another option of adword account which is probably of no use to bloggers, you can go to adword and create your ads on google and get them published.

So let us now know how to use these powerful tools of google.

How to use Google Keyword Planner for Free 2021

How to do keyword research in Google Keyword Planner

To use this tool, first, you have to go to adword site by clicking here

After this, you log in to your account using your Gmail by clicking on sign in. After login, click on the keyword planner as shown in the picture, so that you will be redirected to the external site.

Now you have to search keywords for your post or youtube video

  1. First  of all click on “ search for new keyword using a phrase, website or category”
  2. After clicking, write your keyword in your product or service
  3. If you are looking for keywords for an already published post, then paste the url of that page here, otherwise leave it blank.
  4. In the option with All Location , the country you want to target means in which country to rank your post or you can find out what is the value of your keyword in the country you are selecting. I would recommend that you leave it like that
  5. In your language give away select you how to value the language of your keyword it also left the same
  6. And finally click on get ideas

Now Google will tell you the value of your keyword. You can see how much your keyword is searched monthly and how popular it is.

Now all you have to do is to separate any of the top 10 keywords from this, which we will use in our post, and select the main keyword that is the most popular and the competition friends, now we have got our keyword, now we know how to use these keywords which are good for SEO is low.

How to remove top keywords from keyword planner

Before selecting any keyword, think about whom you are writing your post-for-

  • to google
  • for the visitor

If you write your post for the visitor, then google use will automatically like it and give a good rank. And first of all, you should find out what the visitor wants from you at this time? If you have figured this out, after that you try to search the keyword accordingly.

There are 2 types of keywords-

  • Short Keyword
  • Long Tail Keyword

You always have to select long-tail keywords for your post, the advantage of this is that along with this your short keywords automatically rank, so always keep in mind that your main keyword should belong.

After this, the thing to keep in mind is that you should always put only low-competition keywords in the post.

If you want to use keywords for earning, then you should give priority to keywords that give good CPC.

How keywords are used in posts

  • First of all, write your main keyword at the beginning of your post from where you start writing your post and bold and underline this keyword. After this, use this keyword in the first paragraph of your post but do not underline or bold it.
  • After this, you must use your main keyword in the heading of your post.
  • Now you start writing your post and use all those keywords which we had separated in your post. Take care not to repeat the same word again and if possible, use synonyms of the same word so that your post will also be written well.
  • If your post is between 1500-2000 words then you should use your main keyword in H2 and H3 heading.
  •  When half of your post is done, once again use the main keyword.
  • And when your post is complete, then use your main keyword in its last paragraph and once again use bold and close it in inverted comma (“”)
  • Now for good seo score, first use your keyword in seo tittle and meta description like – “google keyword planner kya hai” and how it is used, now add this line first in meta description so that your keyword will also be mentioned. After this, add all the keywords you have separated to meta.
  • And in the last, add your keyword to the alt attribute of all the images in your post, the advantage of this is that google considers your image as text.

Now you must have understood very well that where you have to use the keyword in the post. If you have not used the keyword planner till now, then once you use it and write your post, you will also understand that it is necessary to use it.

 hope you have liked my today’s post, what is “ google keyword planner ” and how it is used. You must share this post of mine on your social media and if you need any kind of help or you want to give your feedback, then you can share your thoughts with us by commenting. I will be happy

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