Learn Accounting Debits and Credits Course Free in 2022

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Learn Accounting Debits and Credits Online Course. With PDF Course Book, Finally, Learn Your Accounting Debits & Credits.  A course that is all about learning Debits & Credits! I am John Gillingham, CPA, from Accounting Play. I have my own firm, accounting educational apps on iOS & Android, and enjoy teaching. 

You will Learn

  • Understand Accounting Debits and Credits
  • Learn the Accounting Equation
  • Learn about Financial Accounting

Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions and preparing financial reports. One of the most important aspects of accounting is debiting and crediting accounts. This free course online will teach you how to do this properly.

This course covers topics such as debits and credits, liabilities and assets, financial statements, and investing. Students will also have the opportunity to practice their skills through interactive exercises and case studies.

It is a great way for students who are looking to gain a basic understanding of accounting terminology and transactions. The course is well organized, with interactive exercises and case studies that help students practice their skills.

 After this course, I want you to:

-Learn about accounting debits & credits increase and decreases across the main accounts

-Use debits & credits for journal entries, financial statements, and bookkeeping

-Learn the language of accounting: Accounting Equation, Financial Statements – Such as the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and more

This stuff is hard, but I am here to guide you step by step using your eBook and recommending innovative optional app resources. Come and join me on this journey with Accounting Play and learn this technical concept once and for all.

About the concept: Debits and credits form the foundation of the accounting system. The mechanics of the system must be memorized. Once understood, you will be able to properly classify and enter transactions. These entries make up the data used to prepare financial statements, such as the balance sheet and income statement. While the software has simplified entering daily transactions, debit and credit entries are always recorded in the background.

This course is Good for:

  • Financial Accounting Students
  • Bookkeepers and Accountants
  • MBA Students
  • Accounting Professionals Seeking Deeper Understanding

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