POWER BI data Analytics Course and DASHBOARDS creation 2022

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POWER BI data Analytics Course and DASHBOARDS creation. This course will teach you how to use the power of POWER BI to make better decisions and solve problems. We will also provide you with a series of step-by-step tutorials that will help you create custom dashboards and analysis reports.

Power BI is a data analytics tool that allows users to visualize and analyze data in a variety of ways. The POWER BI data Analytics Course provides students with the skills necessary to use Power BI effectively. This course covers topics such as working with data models, creating visualizations, and making informed decisions. Students who complete the course will be able to use Power BI to improve their workflows and increase their productivity.

POWER BI data Analytics Course and DASHBOARDS creation

Merging multiple files can be a time-consuming task. With the right software, however, you can easily merge and transform data. In this free course, you will learn how to get and transform multiple sources of data using various software tools.

You will Learn

  • Learn how to create a clean decision-making dashboard in POWER BI
  • How to sign up for Power BI Service without a working email
  • You will learn how to Get and Transform multiple sources of data, including merging multiple files from a folder, pivoting and unpivotting.
  • Create designs from PowerPoint and import to Power BI to make your designs outstanding
  • Master data analysis expression (DAX) for Power BI Desktop and build better dashboards
  • How to join data challenges and win amazing prices.

The POWER BI data Analytics Course is an online course that will teach you how to use POWER BI to analyze your data. You will learn how to create visualizations, dashboards, and reports using the power of Excel and Power BI. This course is perfect for business professionals who want to learn how to use data analysis tools to improve their workflows.


Today I’m going to share with you my whole journey as a POWER BI Data Visualization Engineer. All I do is help companies and organizations or clients create an outstanding and well-built interactive Power BI Dashboard to help them understand trends and other metrics.


I don’t care If you have any analytics background before now, this course dives deep down into every elementary you need to grow and get creative as a POWER BI Analyst and Data Visualization Engineer.

This course is 100% practical with real-life data to understand how to approach projects, and what to do to achieve the aims of your clients or your boss in the office.

You might be good at writing DAX in POWER BI but not always cool with the end results of either your reports or dashboards, I am going to say that is why I am here. I am here to help you with DAX, data cleaning, and transformation using POWER QUERY.

My dashboards look stunning and outstanding because I use an external tool called POWERPOINT to create beautiful background temples. In this course, I am going to teach you how to use PowerPoint to create a background template for your dashboards and import it to POWER BI.

I went through some POWER BI dashboards challenges I had taken part in and won some.

As soon as you complete this course, you can apply for a Power BI job with no fear. Take part in data challenges and show them what you got.

Are you ready now? If you are, sign up for the course.

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