PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks Advanced

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PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks Advanced. PUBG Mobile, together with Fortnight, is currently something of the shooter of the hour – also in the App Store and the Google Play Store. They have been available for free download there for a few weeks. Since then, the two battle royal shooters have dominated the mobile game charts.

If you are only now celebrating your debut in the world of PUBG Mobile, we will not let you down. Our beginner tips for the perfect start into the game will prepare you for the challenging online battles against 99 other players – your shortcut to the “Chicken Dinner”!

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks Advanced

Internalize control
Before the battle starts, you have a few moments in the lobby, the peaceful “waiting area”. Use the time to familiarize yourself with the controls. Practice moving, taking cover, and more. Because using virtual control for running and aiming is not that easy. Make a note of where the admittedly quite large number of buttons for the various functions are located on the touchscreen. Once the battle rages, you don’t have time to allow yourself to make mistakes and unnecessary delays in handling the controls – this can be fatal.

Targeted landing
At the beginning of every battle, you will fly over the island in an airplane. With a size of 8×8 km, it is considerably large and has different areas. As a beginner, you should avoid big hotspots like the military base or the school on Erangel. As a rule, many players end up there, so that battles break out very quickly – not exactly ideal for a beginner.

Better look for one of the smaller groups of houses for a “quiet” start. In the meantime, the opponents erase each other, so that there are not quite as many opponents between you and the victory. Avoid landing in any of the rural areas. As a rule, there are hardly any weapons there, so that unarmed you are easy prey.

The first armament
You start completely unarmed. So that it doesn’t stay that way for so long, the choice of the landing zone is important. Head for said smaller groups of houses with your parachute. There you can usually collect a few weapons and other equipment in the buildings in a relatively relaxed manner in order to prepare yourself for the inevitable battles. First of all, take everything you can get your hands on. You can always exchange later. It would be very annoying if you meet an already armed opponent while you are still undecided and unarmed in search of the perfect weapon …

Collect and loot
If you have a basic armament so as not to run defenseless across the island, which is populated by a maximum of 99 other players, the equipment must be gradually optimized. In addition to finding better weapons such as better rifles, pistols, and grenades, this also includes improving them with magazines, sights, or silencers. Also, protective vests and helmets should you in no way left leave because you protect them from attacks – depending on the stage more or less well … healing after hits bring medkits, bandages, and Co.

Supply from the air
The supply crates thrown from the air from time to time are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they lure with often particularly powerful weapons and items.

Aim and shoot
You should only shoot when you are sure that you will hit your opponent. Otherwise, you will not only shoot up precious ammunition but also betray your position with the shots that can be heard from afar.

Cover and movement
The following applies not only to looting: do not stand around in one place. Then you are easy prey. Is always on the move.

Driving instead of walking
Do you want to get from A to B quickly, e.g. B. to reach the “safe zone”, which is getting smaller and smaller (keep an eye on the timer) or to leave a “red zone”, grab one of the vehicles standing around?

Don’t play silently
Mobile games are often played on the go and not infrequently in silent mode. With PUBG Mobile you should definitely turn on the sound and ideally be armed with headphones.

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