Python Django – The Practical Guide

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Python Django is a free online course offered by Udemy that teaches Python, the most popular programming language in the world. If you are interested in learning how to program but don’t know where to start, then Udemy’s free Python Django course is a great place to start. It is easy to follow and you will be able to build basic programs within the first few lessons. 

Python is a programming language that is used by many web developers. Django is a web application framework written in Python that makes it easy to create web applications. This course teaches you how to use Django to create simple and sophisticated Web Applications.

You will learn

  • Learn how to use Python for web development with Django
  • Build real projects and apply what you learned in a full blog website created in the course
  • Choose between the full course or the included course summary to get you started quickly

We’ll start at the absolute basics and understand how to create a Django projects, how to run them, and how to add features – step by step.

In detail, this course covers:

  • Installing Django
  • Creating and understanding Django projects
  • Understanding URLs, views, requests, and responses
  • Working with templates and static files like CSS and images
  • Working with data and models
  • Connecting data with relationships (one-to-many, one-to-one, many-to-many)
  • Querying data with Django’s powerful model solution
  • Adding administration panels to your projects
  • Handling user input with forms – manually and with Django’s built-in form support
  • Advanced features like class-based views (and when to use them)
  • Dealing with file uploads and how to serve uploaded files
  • Working with sessions
  • In-depth deployment instructions and examples
  • Different ways of deploying and serving static files and user uploads
  • And much more!

Hence, once you completed the course, you’ll have a very solid understanding of Django and you’ll be able to dive into your own Django projects!

Python Django – The Practical Guide Course Review

it is the best course to know Django, but you need to have good knowledge of Python and had some practice in problem-solving.

The teaching was very clear and concise. It would be great if user authentication concepts are covered, but no problem. Thanks to the instructor, I was able to complete this project and even implement the search functionality for this project

This was an amazing course because I am learning so much about Django and web development that I never knew before this course. It is also interesting and makes you not want to stop. I would definitely recommend this to other people.

I never encountered anyone who makes his didactics so easy to understand. Very good structure and very good abilities of the tutor to imagine himself in the shoes of the student.

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