7 Security And Privacy App For Android | Best Free Security App For Android

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Security And Privacy App For Android. Security is a necessary thing for all devices. Best security apps help people to secure privacy and provide safety from illegal thieves. Nowadays privacy becomes a big issue in online platforms. Every website uses cookies for marketing so much privacy data goes to a digital marketer.

Every Mobile has a basic setting to secure android mobile. Android Antivirus use in mobile to remove unsecured files from mobile. Android mobile also has an encrypted mobile application to secure your communication and data.

The best way to secure your data is the use of a virtual private network (VPN). Some VPNs are best for mobile and many useful for security and privacy.

Feature of Security And Privacy App For Android

  •  Anti-virus provides privacy and safeguards your devices.
  • There is much helpful VPN for crap management, and battery-saving facilities document cleanups.
  • All apps are integrated with VPN performance and real-time WiFi network security.
  • Includes AppLock, and message protection document lock for mobile security.
  • these are very helpful to identify anti-theft alerts for your mobile device protection.

Now you will see the list of Security And Privacy App For Android

Security And Privacy App For Android

  1. Smart AppLock
  2. Find My Device
  3. Simple Mobile Tools
  4. Keepass2Android
  5. Firefox
  6. DuckDuckGo
  7. NordVPN

#1 Smart App Lock

Smart App Lock allow all user to change the permission setting for individual apps on your phone. This means that any third person cannot open your Instagram Facebook Twitter and all application which are installed in your android phone.

Why To use this App?

  • This app provides security from third party user
  • No data recording

#2 Find My Device

Find My device help user to trace a mobile. This app is very useful for locating your Android device when lost, or disabling it if you that it has been stolen by any thief.

Why To use this App?

  • This app is helpful to trace a mobile
  • Provide security from any data loss.

#3 Simple Mobile Tools

Simple Mobile Tools is available in google play store. Simple Mobile Tools make basic application. There are different apps available in Simple Mobile Tools , a gallery app, a file manager app, a contacts app, including a calendar, a note taking app, and a many others application.

Why To use this App?

  • All Apps does not use unnecessary permissions
  • These are excellent privacy apps 
  • The gallery app doesn’t need your location

#4 Keepass2Android

Keepass2Android is a powerful and excellent password manager for android application. This application can store you password in a  remote folder like Dropbox.

Why To use this App?

  • This app provides a Password manager
  • This app provides a secure storage
  • This app provides a Remote access

#5 Firefox

Firefox is a browser app use for internet surfing experience and provide additional security when we open a site with the help of Firefox. You can further increase your privacy in setting.

Why To use this App?

This app Increased your privacy
It is helpful in Black tracking
Use to Block ads Firefox help user to use the website without any ads

#6 DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is very helpful to secure your privacy. Google Bing and many other application leak our data to third party for marketing so DuckDuckGo is very helpful to secure your searches.

Why To use this App?

There are No leakage of searches
This app cannot record your data
This app cannot use Ad without Ad you can use it.

Nord VPN secures your online activity protects your privacy and secures your traffic. Nord VPN uses 256-bit encryption technology that helps users to safe from hackers and spammer.

Why To use this App?

  • 5500 NordVPN servers in more than 59 countries.
  • Offers 24/7 product support.
  • With one click users can connect to the VPN.
  • It is safe for all on public Wi-Fi.

Search All Application in https://play.google.com/

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