How To Start a Social Media Marketing Agency With No Experience?

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How To Start a Social Media Marketing Agency With No Experience? Would you like to start an Online Marketing Agency? You are no longer alone, which is why it is important to distinguish yourself from everyone else. The beginning may seem difficult because you don’t know where to start.

But if you want to start a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA), there are a number of things you need to pay attention to in order to grow to success. In this article, you will read eight very useful steps on how to start as a social media marketing beginner. And you will discover exactly what an SMMA is. Good luck!

What is a Social Media Marketing Agency?

When starting an SMMA you maintain the social media advertisements companies because most cannot do this themselves. It is completely outsourced to another company. With these ads, the company gets more customers and revenue. This is a very interesting revenue model of social media marketing.

You take care of the marketing plan with the aim of more visitors, leads, and generating sales. In addition, you also ensure that this is visualized.

Today, social media is more important to a company than magazines and newspapers and it is only logical that this is used.

What do you need?

In fact, all you need is a laptop with an internet connection. In addition, you can work anywhere in the world, which makes this job so extremely flexible. For example, you can do it next to your current job, because it doesn’t take a lot of time.

However, if you get more customers, you can of course consider quitting your job and focus entirely on starting an SMMA.

In addition, you also need drive because it is a matter of hard work to get and keep as many customers as possible.

Register yourself at the Chamber of Commerce

In addition, you also need a social media account, and e-mail address, and registration with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) to start an online marketing agency.

Registration with the Chamber of Commerce is the most important because you will be doing business with other companies.

You pay a one-time registration fee of EUR 50.00.

You will also send invoices and if you earn more than 2,000 euros, you must register yourself anyway. They are small things that you have to take care of, but once that is done you can start to start an SMMA.

How To Start a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Learn By 8 Step

Step #1: Pick a Market

If you would like to start an online marketing agency, there are a number of useful steps that you can apply. The first step is to find a market.

Mainly focus on one niche; a split of the total market with a specific topic.

It is smart that you choose something that you already have experience in.

This way you already have prior knowledge and you usually know what works and what doesn’t.

In the startup phase of starting an SMMA, it is wise to focus on companies that are financially stable.

Step #2: Knowledge of Social Media Ads

The second step is to understand social media advertising when starting an SMMA. As a beginner, the task is to pick this up yourself. Fortunately, it is not difficult to get started with this as a beginner. The basis of the ads is Facebook Ads.

Here you create the advertisements, based on the target groups, the Facebook pixel, and the advertisement itself.

Learning Facebook Ads can be done very easily via the internet or you can choose to follow a course.

More on this later.

Step #3: How do you find customers?

The third step in starting an online marketing agency is finding customers. Nowadays there are plenty of companies that are only too happy to use someone like you for good social media advertisements. It usually starts with word of mouth and then customers follow automatically.

In addition, there are a number of tricks that help you start a social media marketing agency and find customers.

The first is to make a list of businesses near you.

Also, make a note of their contact details so that you can call them.

Always choose companies that match your niche.

Research the company

A second skill at starting an online marketing agency is to research the companies as well as possible. Think of the current social media strategy, which products and/or services they offer, and what the target group is. If you have this in mind, you can contact us.

The third trick to starting an online marketing agency is that you apply this research in the conversation with the company. The last trick is that you tell why you are indispensable to the company when starting your SMMA.

For example, apply an elevator pitch, so that companies know quickly and clearly what you can do for them.

Step #4: Bringing in Businesses

If you have planned one or more meetings with a company, prepare well. This is step four. In any case, you are already well on your way to starting a social media marketing agency. In the agreement with the company, you state the advertising budget, the price for your service, and any conditions.

Always open the conversation and listen to what the customer asks and expects.

You can also indicate that you are running a free trial where you will set up the ads.

The company then only has to bet an amount for Facebook.

Offer a trial period

They would also use this amount themselves when they start with Facebook. During the trial period, you will not be charged for the ads created. The benefit of this is that you gain knowledge talking about your service and give the business a taste of what’s possible with the right Facebook ads.

If the company is very satisfied, the company may want to do business with you for the coming months.

This way you are at least assured of starting your own SMMA.

Step #5: Retaining Customers

Step number five starting with an online marketing agency is to keep the customers you have brought in. Perhaps the most important thing is to know what the company is asking.

For example, if they want new customers for a specific service, you adjust the advertisement accordingly.

It is useful if the company has put together a buyer persona itself, so that you know which target group you have to reach.

A handy tip is that the company itself will provide the advertising budget.

You can easily link the payment details to the Facebook Business Manager.

Step #6: Promote Yourself Online

When starting an SMMA, it is important that you continue to promote yourself online to bring in new customers. It sounds simple, but you can join several groups on Facebook. Here you tell what you offer and why you can help a company.

Not only is social media important when starting an online marketing agency, but a website is also of great importance.

Always state your expertise, the services, the price, and your contact details here.

You can make a website yourself, but if you have more budget, you can also have it made by a professional.

Step #7: Actively posting content

Once you have your social media account with the social marketing earning model, it is important that you maintain it. Keep posting consistently, otherwise, you will “disappear” from the competition.

However, it is important that you do not just do something. Creating a content calendar and the right strategy is important for a successful social media account.

This is another profession in its own right, so it is important that you do good research into this as well.

If you have this in order and you generate enough brand awareness, then your social media channel is a success.

Step #8: Maintain Social Media Strategy

If your social media channels and your website are in order with a social marketing revenue model, you can continue to expand your portfolio. The more you can show, the sooner companies choose your expertise. Companies choose someone based on previous experiences and success stories.

You can also post reviews and feedback from customers on your website and social media.

In addition, it is also good to show results in the form of figures, for example, an increase in visitor numbers and leads.

Benefits of Starting SMMA

Now that you already have a big setup about starting an online marketing agency, it is good to list the advantages.

Once you have started in this business, you are used to talking about your service and you know what you can and cannot say during a conversation.

In addition, you can also reach a large audience, because social media is a booming business these days.

This also gives you more brand awareness and when you regularly post on social media, people will also come to you instead of someone else.

Another advantage of starting the SMMA is that you have relatively low costs. The use of social media itself is free. Of course, it costs money to place advertisements, but you are free to determine a few things and the company itself too.

Finally, starting an online marketing agency creates a snowball effect.

When a message is shared, it can also be shared by someone else.

This ensures that you get more brand awareness, and that is what you want of course!

The Disadvantages of Starting an Online Marketing Agency

  • In addition to the advantages of a social marketing revenue model, there are also disadvantages.
  • It may be that you do your best, but that the company does not have certain things in order.
  • As a result, the conversion is not good and the ads have no effect.
  • It is therefore advisable not to do business with these types of companies.
  • They often think that you are the linchpin to promote the company.
  • You have to find a company where everything is in order so that you can further expand their social media.

Scaling up on your own is difficult

A second disadvantage is that you have to be good at selling yourself and dare to address people. You can of course also turn it around and do it right to step out of your comfort zone. A third disadvantage is that it is difficult to scale up on your own.

It usually succeeds to help about ten companies, but if there are more, you need more people to help you.

A final disadvantage is that it is possible that companies do not respond or are not interested.

If this happens more often than not, starting an SMMA for yourself can be demotivating.

What does the future look like?
As you know, social media plays a major role in the social marketing business model.

But what about in the future?

Almost everyone nowadays spends a large part of their time on social media. At the moment Facebook and Instagram are the main channels, but TikTok is also fast becoming one of the most popular platforms. That is why it is good to closely follow the trends and developments of social media. That way you can respond to this.

There will still be enough demand for good social media advertisements in the coming years.

Start From Small

When starting your own SMMA, it is important that you dare to start small. If you want to bet everything, in the beginning, chances are you won’t succeed.

You can always grow and it is also nice to take small steps in the beginning so that you stay focused on what you are doing.

For example, choose companies with a smaller segment.

This creates a personal collaboration and this ensures that word-of-mouth advertising may arise. That way you can expand your business and grow into a successful business.

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