What is Internet marketing and how does it work?

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Nowadays it is more important than ever that your website or webshop is easy to find. If you want to make sure that potential customers come to you easily, you need internet marketing.

It’s a term you hear everywhere, but what exactly does it mean? We have listed all the information with all the detailed topics.

What is Internet marketing and how does it work?

We will talk about:

  • The difference between passive and active Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Passive and Active Internet Marketing

In internet marketing, we distinguish between two different groups of marketing applications: passive and active marketing.

This includes all forms of internet marketing, from social media marketing to SEO.

With an active internet marketing campaign, we talk about a traditional ‘advertising’ model.

A company invests in advertisements, shoutouts, reviews, and other resources that ensure immediate growth in sales and customers.

Once this campaign is over, the flow of new customers will also stop.

Active internet marketing includes Search Engine Marketing and Social Media marketing.

Active internet marketing is used to give the number of customers a big boost in the short term, for example, to promote the opening of a webshop or to stimulate disappointing sales.

Passive internet marketing is the exact opposite. It is a means of generating a long-term influx of customers.

In most cases, these types of campaigns are meant to increase visibility in search engines, as is the case with SEO.

However, it can also provide direct sales.

What is Social Media Marketing?

As the name suggests, Social Media such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms are used to advertise.

This can be done in various ways:

The most common and cost-effective method is to create your own social media accounts for your website or online store, and then announce relevant information such as offers, discount codes, and new products.

This is basically free, although it does take a lot of time.

In addition, it is also possible to purchase advertisements on, for example, Facebook and Instagram.

You can be very specific about who you want to reach with this so that you get a higher return on your investment than traditional forms of advertising.

Social Media Marketing can therefore be applied in several ways.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (often abbreviated as SEM) is seen as the most necessary form of internet marketing.

This includes all actions that ensure that your website becomes easier to find within search engines such as Google.

Specialized companies can set up and adjust your website in such a way that the algorithm of the search engines will judge in favor of your website/webshop (Search Engine Optimization – SEO).

Think of optimized website texts, but also a well-indexed website.

SEM and SEO applied in the right way will give very nice results in the long term.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a special form of passive marketing that you can use in two ways.

In short, Affiliate Marketing is a form of internet marketing where the products of someone else’s webshop can be advertised, whereby the seller pays a small amount of the sale to the person who advertised.

We often see this at large webshops such as Bol.com and Amazon.

Small websites, but also influencers on Instagram, for example, recommend products with a sales link.

When people buy the product on Bol.com or Amazon through this link, the person who posted this link gets a small percentage of the sale.

You can place these kinds of links on your website to generate extra income, but you can also offer these kinds of links yourself to promote the sale of your products.

We have written an interesting review about affiliate marketing and its applications with regard to internet marketing.

Do you want to learn more about this interesting way of marketing?

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